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Now you have to enter this website we have studied in class and make your own remix version 3 or 4.

When you’re done you have to send it to me by email by copying the link that appears when you have finished and have selected to share.

It is fun and easy to use.

I hope you like it !!

Click on the image below.


1st year students have prepared some raps that you are going to hear now in which they had to use the vocabulary they have been learning so far in music classes in English.

We hope you enjoy it a lot.


¿What music styles, bands or artists you like best ???

It is developing a 2.0 Interactive Popourri of your favorite music group or singers that you like and you’re going to submit through Thinglink.

As you can see, you have to investigate some points for your account.

First you will realize a collage that has to consist of multiple images with their auditions at least SIX groups, styles or different artists, even if one is inspired and wants to expand the work ahead !!!

Always have more qualifications.

The work is going to do with two tools that you do not know: the COLLAGE photo with PiZap (click on this same word for access) and interactive image with YouTube videos with Thinglink tool.


STEP 1. Carefully SELECT the Youtube AUDITIONS that we use. After looking photos of artists, groups, the covers of your CD .. etc. The Internet went down and we file on your computer (the number of photos, of course, depend on the design of collage but theminimum is 6 images).

STEP 2. CREATE THE COLLAGE with PiZap tool that requires no registration. I leave these screenshots for the collage. Login PiZap Do MAKE Click to COLLAGE.

We selected a design based on the number of photos of our work Click on each square to upload photos Download the COLLAGE to your computer (no need to give SAVE)

STEP 3: Once completed and saved the photo COLLAGE, we continue to workentering the web Thinglink (CLICK ON THIS WORD TO GO TO THE PROGRAM)with your username and password. In each square collage assign its corresponding video (and located in Youtube) pasting the URL. When you finish work you know that you have to send EDUCATE AND EDMODO to present in class to other colleagues.


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Here are the videos with images of many instruments built by students of 1st and 2nd of ESO.
It was fantastic .
Congratulations to all!!

1st ESO A

1st ESO B

1st ESO C

2nd ESO A

2nd ESO B

2nd ESO C

Congratulations to all the students of 1stESO for their oral presentations in class on the different musical instruments.

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