English Music 2ºESO

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Glossary of music terms


Aquí tenemos un diccionario de términos musicales en inglés, muy útil para que consultéis dudas en casa.



Aquí tenéis  un estupendo juego para aprender las notas en inglés.

Haced clic en la imagen y después en “Stickin’ the staff”.

Seleccionáis la clave con al que jugar y listo(trebble=clef of sol).

Espero que os guste.

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Like an actor’s script, a sheet of music instructs a musician on what to play (the pitch) and when to play it (the rhythm). Sheet music may look complicated, but once you’ve gotten the hang of a few simple elements like notes, bars and clefs, you’re ready to rock. Tim Hansen hits the instrumental basics you need to read music.


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Here there is a fantastic prezi about the musical genres.

Click about the image.

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Here you have two prezi about musical notes.

Clic on the images

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Click  picture

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CLICK PICTURE:The elements of music.

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Here you can see a brief video about TEMPO.


What is a metronome and how do I use it?

Born three and a half months prematurely, Derek Paravicini is blind and has severe autism. But with perfect pitch, innate talent and a lot of practice, he became an acclaimed concert pianist by the age of 10. Here, his longtime piano teacher, Adam Ockelford, explains his student’s unique relationship to music, while Paravicini shows how he has ripped up the «Chopsticks» rule book.

Violinist Sirena Huang gives a technically brilliant and emotionally nuanced performance. In a charming interlude, the 11-year-old praises the timeless design of her instrument.


CONGRATULATIONS !!!There are a lots awesome works.


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Click on the image to access the work of a musical genre of 2nd B.


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After seeing the movie Drumline on the world of college bands and specially  percussion instruments I would like to know your opinion.

Are you ready?

Could you  answer the survey?THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Do you remember it?

After all countries have sung and performed their song in Eurovision 2011, entirely true from Europe for their favorites. Meanwhile, Cold Steel comes with a guest appearance.

Cold Steel comes from the USA and has worked with include Peter Fox already.



Click on image

I hope you can learn a lot!!

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If you want to practice the tone and semitone clic on image.

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Start a new activity this term: THE SONG!!

amo_cantar_tarjeta-r7fa8e797dcbc4d2c9a058d0bea30e952_xvuat_8byvr_512I hope to learn much singing different musical styles.

curso de canto-773782I would like to do comments with your favorite songs.



Let’s start singing in groups and prepare different songs.

Our first song is the group Imagine Dragons «Demons».

Here are the lyrics video to practice the correct pronunciation and intonation.

Also here is the song to practice your English by filling gaps while you listen.

Click on the image to access the link where you can have fun playing the same song we are singing in class and learn the vocabulary that we use.


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And Finally you can sing  this karaoke


Now You can enjoy your interpretations .

Raps are doing with new vocabulary than they are learning in units 1,2 and 3.
Congratulations to all.


It’s a fantastic work,guys.Cheer up!!



Excellent prezi about VOICE.

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Now you have to enter this website we have studied in class and make your own remix version 3 or 4.

When you’re done you have to send it to me by email by copying the link that appears when you have finished and have selected to share.

It is fun and easy to use.

I hope you like it !!

Click on the image below.
Click on the image below.

91bnYLCzZ6L._SL1500_This week we have been enjoying this film  after studying the human voice in class.

It was a great opportunity to test the importance of singing a capella.

Here I leave the trailer and the funniest scenes in the movie.

I would like to know your opinion about this movie.


Lesson 5 : Instruments

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Classification of musical instruments

Clic on image

Sin títuloGreat resource for meeting the symphony orchestra.

It is a flash animation in which the texts are heard, so it is great for music lessons in English.

It’s very usuful and funny!!


Captura de pantalla 2014-03-11 a la(s) 15.03.12

Sin títuloHere you have this link with different games on the instruments and orchestra.

It’s very funny and I hope you like it.

Began studying the string instruments and these videos will be very useful in the classroom

Awesome Violinists!!!



We continue to explore other great family of instruments: woodwind instruments.

How a recorder is made

Amazing… Just goes to show what an awesome instrument the recorder can be!
Dentro del canal de Youtube de Philarmonia Orchestra hay una sección muy interesante y educativa sobre los instrumentos musicales.
Los integrantes de la orquesta cuentan cómo son sus instrumentos, las características, cómo se tocan, curiosidades, etc. Los vídeos están en inglés así que para estas clases nos pueden resultar muy útiles.
En este enlace se accede al playlist completo y a continuación os dejo uno como ejemplo, el del Arpa .

Finally the families of instruments we should organize within the symphonic orchestra so this presentation you will have enough information.

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In addition,here I leave a Prezi with basic information from electronic instruments.

Clic on image.


Here is leave a video on your presentations after studying the different families of instruments.

We enjoyed three fantastic days seeing and hearing what you have learned and prepared

Thank you all for your work.
I am very proud of you all.

Your images with better quality?

Our colleagues,Jiate (violin) and Isabel (flute), have given us these interpretations during the presentation of musical instruments.

It has been a pleasure.

Thanks guys!!!

Image result for emoticon helloHello everyone!!

We‘ve definitely finish the theme of the families of instruments, different instruments and symphony orchestra.

Your final work consisted in building your own instrument with recyclable materials.

You could choose the one you want with two conditions, which will use such material and obviously sound.

We left a week of time for you to think what to build, what materials and how sound and the results have been excellent, really.

It was a big surprise for me but overall hear you say that you have learned a lot from the oral presentations of the families of instruments and then preparing your individual presentation of your instrument to other colleagues.

Now you can enjoy these videos that I have prepared for you to have a great memory of this great theme you have worked very good.

In the first two videos you can watch your buildings and thirdly a tour of the classroom to see them all together.

And of course in the following video are your classmates apart submitting your instrument is sounded.



¿What music styles, bands or artists you like best ???

It is developing a 2.0 Interactive Potpourri of your favorite music group or singers that you like and you’re going to submit through Thinglink.

As you can see, you have to investigate some points for your account.

First you will realize a collage that has to consist of multiple images with their auditions at least SIX groups, styles or different artists, even if one is inspired and wants to expand the work ahead !!! ….Always have more qualifications.

The work is going to do with two tools that you do not know: the COLLAGE photo with PiZap (click on this same word for access) and interactive image with YouTube videos with Thinglink tool.


STEP 1. Carefully SELECT the Youtube AUDITIONS that we use. After looking photos of artists, groups, the covers of your CD .. etc. The Internet went down and we file on your computer (the number of photos, of course, depend on the design of collage but the minimum is 6 images).

STEP 2. CREATE THE COLLAGE with PiZap tool that requires no registration. I leave these screenshots for the collage. Login PiZap Do MAKE Click to COLLAGE.

We selected a design based on the number of photos of our work Click on each square to upload photos Download the COLLAGE to your computer (no need to give SAVE)

STEP 3: Once completed and saved the photo COLLAGE, we continue to work entering the web Thinglink (CLICK ON THIS WORD TO GO TO THE PROGRAM) with your username and password. In each square collage assign its corresponding video (and located in Youtube) pasting the URL. When you finish work you know that you have to send EDUCATE AND EDMODO to present in class to other colleagues.


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It was the first time we have used mobiles phone  in class and think we will continue with more Apps.

We have been working with two programas.Android:Music composition and Apple: iwritemusic-free.

With these applications we have learned how to  write basic melodies with and without chords, using various alterations, beats, rhythms

At the same time we heard what we were writing at the time to listen alone or show it to classmates.

Finally we had several options, save scores created, export as images or as midi.

It has been a fantastic experience for me and for the students because we have learned and shared together.

Here you have a video with images of this new experience.

Here there are some examples of compositions 2º ESO A/B  students in Music Composition program have made through their phones or tablets.


It was a new experience and we learned basic elements of musical composition as types of melodies, chords and basic degrees, alterations, various alterations and rhythmic variety.

We have had the opportunity to compose making good use of our mobile and transfer technology to the classroom today.

If you click on the picture you access to view scores in larger size.

Music compositionI congratulate you all for your work but above all for your interest and participation.

Sure continue testing more Apps!!

Today we will finish classes at Valencia because tomorrow is the day when we finish school before our holiday known worldwide: Las Fallas.

Tomorrow we’ll party at school because our school burn fails, take chocolate and enjoy the offering of flowers to the Virgin of the Helpless, our patron.

They are days filled with light, music everywhere, many people in the street, magnificent monuments to be burned on March 19 for inputting spring.

The party is on the street watching the fallas, listening or watching mascletas or castles and enjoying the fallero environment through the offering of flowers and cremà of falla.

Here you have a video where they explain in English to the world what our most representative party.

Besides I will attached the score of the Valencia Regional Anthem what you can practice this vacation with your instrument.


Enjoy it !!

Here you have the first video after the holidays Fallas. It is the course of 2ºESO A interpreting the Mamma Mia  piece of Swedish group Abba with their flutes and accompanying base.

Let’s start  unit of music in advertising!!!

Here there are several Prezi and a brief video about music in the history of advertising.

First we will see in our video and hear different opinions giving examples.

Then we will study in the first prezi the influence of music on emotions with obvious examples, different commercial sounds, also see the relationship between images and musical sounds,the importance of the sound effects and type  of music in the marketing of audiovisual advertisements.To finally end the dance music related advertisements.

1 advertising

After all studied and seen now see the best ad of 2014.

In the second Prezi you can look through different examples what impact music has on your feelings, the different uses of music, the functions of music in an ad, types of music, jingle, logo and promotional song.
A very intererante and complete world.


And finally, we will study that is advertising, the techniques you can use to sell a product,radio ,TV ,cinema and Internet advertising…

I think we‘re going to enjoy this unit at the same time we learn a lot

advertisiment 3How to assess this unit?

It will be fun and easy!!!
We will form small groups (4 or 5 members), invent a product that we will have to sell our classmates, we will put an original name, think of the best kind of music, create a slogan and a small script to finish recording it and creating our video on programs like windows movie maker, camtasia, pinnacle, sony vegas the one you like.

All ads are delivered on a pendrive on the date indicated in class and will project to be evaluated as a final project of the unit.


Página Wix en inglés sobre el flamenco para alumnos de 2º de ESO del programa bilingüe. Lo encontraréis también en el blog Bahía de Música.

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-06 a las 19.38.59

After studying the orchestra we enter Classicism through this collage that serves as a summary of this period.

Click on the image to access the link on which you can use to make your collages later.

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